About us

We tell impactful stories

Imagine an empire* in which the science of cartography is so exact that only a map on the same scale as the empire itself suffices. The citizens of this empire boast about their information-rich maps, but they're so impractical that they're never used. This is an example of information bias: the belief that more information is better.

What you've just read is a parable. A parable (parabolḗ in original Greek) is a rhetorical device that exposes a lesson, or meaning, of a story. This concept is at the centre of all our projects: we craft meaningful narratives that communicate the impact of our partners’ work.

*Adapted from a story by Jorge Luis Borges.

We are passionate

We work with mission-driven organisations—public and private—that seek to create positive impact around them. Three values underpin all of our work:
Dedication. We love what we do and invest our whole selves into it. We also continuously study the best practices in data visualisation and storytelling, to provide state-of-the-art solutions for all our client projects.
Passion. We’re excited about creating positive impact and nurturing meaningful collaborations. This positive energy allows us to come up with creative, client-tailored solutions.
Respect. We see our clients as strategic partners, and respect their expertise. We’re also convinced that clear and honest communication is a sign of mutual respect.

We understand first, design second

Our projects follow a clear and robust four-step structure. A big chunk of time at the beginning is spent on understanding the audience and the project objectives, as well as defining the measure of success. This allows us to ensure that all project stakeholders are on the same page and ready to get creative.

Then, we define the narrative arc and start creating initial designs. We iterate on the pieces at least two or three times to push our creativity and technical skills to its limits, and make sure that the result is outstanding. The whole process is rooted in over a decade of expertise in data, design, and storytelling.

Let's work together

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