Transform how your organisation communicates data with our team trainings and individual coaching.

Strong leaders and organisations have one thing in common: effective communication. And for communication to be effective, it needs to be backed by data. Enter data storytelling.

We teach professionals in public and private sectors to turn data into stories that spark action. The workshops are run by our founder Evelina who is a thought-leader in the field: she regularly does podcasts, talks and organises conferences.



Professionals from across the globe who have upskilled with us


Workshops held, online and offline, in three languages


Attendees at events and conferences we presented at



Turning boring data presentations into clear and compelling narratives that captivate your audience.


Transforming cluttered, messy charts into beautiful and engaging designs that impress and are fast to read.


Becoming persuasive communicators whose data insights spark action and make a difference.


"I worked with Evelina one-on-one to improve one of the reports my team was working on. It was effortless learning from her. She carefully walked me through the basics and helped me find creative solutions. Not only did I build a better report, but I also improved my overall data storytelling skillset!"

Monika Baravyke
DEI Lead

"Parabole's team has successful professional experiences in multiple industries and knows how to adapt to different business needs. Dior's teams appreciated the trainer's passion, expertise, and personalised approach. Our training sessions were fun and functional. We highly recommend them for your corporate or individual training!"

Igor Voitenko
Head of Data

"Parabole's founder Evelina has a very didactic and efficient data storytelling approach. She coaches with a lot of simplicity, kindness and a real concern for adoption. I was lucky to have her as a data visualisation trainer and we now collaborate regularly. We co-constructed my first data story and produced a beautiful result: she's very inspiring to work with!"

Pierre Auguste
Founder and CEO

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