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We teach data storytelling, the skill of the decade

Strong leaders and organisations have one thing in common: effective communication. And for communication to be effective, it needs to be backed by data. Enter data storytelling: the most sought-of yet under-taught skillset of the decade. That's where we come in.

We teach professionals from various domains and industries to turn raw data into stories that spark action. The workshops are designed and animated by our founder Evelina who has over a decade of experience in analytics, design, and storytelling. During the hands-on sessions with her, the participants learn how to structure, visualise and present their data effectively. If your team could benefit from upskilling in data storytelling, we'd love to hear from you.


"The project developed with Parabole Studio has been instrumental in shaping and highlighting important data more comprehensively to a particular audience. Their digital expertise, attention to detail, eye for design, kindness, and reactivity were very valuable and appreciated during the project."

Fanny Delannoy
Public Policy and Strategic Engagement Manager, Airbnb

"We hired Parabole Studio to design a report and web page for our latest research project. Evelina quickly digested the scope of our research, asked insightful questions to clarify our goals, and created an engaging design that homed in on and emphasized the story we wanted to tell. She has a keen eye for detail and is communicative and efficient. We are grateful for Evelina's expertise and insights and look forward to working with her more in the future."

Rachel Thomas
Director of Research Initiatives, HRFN

"The team at Parabole is able to bring data to life through design and storytelling. Their positivity, professionalism, and technical mastery allow us to be serene throughout our creative process."

Emmanuel Paolacci
Founder and Creative Strategist, FLASHS

"Working with Evelina, you'll get a full-stack set of capabilities that extend beyond data visualization design - you'll also have the benefit of her masterful communications and leadership skills."

Amanda Makulec
Executive Director, Data Visualisation Society

"Parabole's team has successful professional experiences in multiple industries and knows how to adapt to different business needs. Dior's teams appreciated the trainer's passion, expertise, and personalised approach. Our training sessions were fun and functional. We highly recommend them for your corporate or individual training!"

Igor Voitenko
Head of Data, Parfums Christian Dior

"Parabole's founder Evelina has a very didactic and efficient data storytelling approach. She coaches with a lot of simplicity, kindness and a real concern for adoption. I was lucky to have her as a data visualisation trainer and we now collaborate regularly. We co-constructed my first data story and produced a beautiful result: she's very inspiring to work with!"

Pierre Auguste
Founder and CEO, Vinotracker
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