Migration in Asia-Pacific

We designed the flagship report for the UN's International Organisation for Migration. It covered the latest analysis and data on migration challenges and potential solutions in the Asia & Pacific region.

Impact report
August 2023
Migration in Asia-Pacific


Migration is a key challenge we face today. And one of the regions that is the most impacted by it is the Asia and the Pacific side of the world. In the effort to make the lives of migrants and refugees easier, we have to collect, analyse and communicate data. This is why the regional team at the IOM produces a yearly report destined to policy makers. This year, we had the honour to design this extensive 200-page document. We were in charge of crafting a modern-looking creative direction and elaborating almost a hundred different visuals.

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The report is read by hundreds, if not thousands of people, inside and outside the United Nations. The strength and uniqueness of the report lies in the fact that it compiles latest data from dozens of sources in the same place. Additionally, it also provides the reader a glimpse into data and expert analysis on migration that is brand new and not available elsewhere. We strongly believe that this work can help improve policies for migrants and refugees in the region.

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