Climate Finance Files

Together with Lars Verspohl from Datamake, we designed this article for ONE Campaign to communicate their research on the state of climate finance funding.

Data Story, Web Design, Interactive Charts
November 2023
Climate Finance Files


Climate finance reporting is a mess. Industrialised countries regularly promise to provide help to states that suffer from climate change the most. But these promises are quite obscure. Huge figures are thrown around—you may have heard about the infamous 100$B in commitments—but no one really knows neither what they mean nor what impact they have. So the team at ONE Campaign spent 9 months analysing the data from the OECD, UNFCCC, and other sources to make sense of all this. The result? Messier than you may think. Read the full story to find out why.

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While this data story is unprecedented and a bit provocative, its goal is much bigger than a one-off communications piece. As much as we loved designing the front-facing part of this story, the long-lasting impact lies in the data behind it. The methodology, the code, and the clean data are made available through this article for anyone to explore and create their own stories.

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