Disparities in Human Rights Funding

We designed a communications campaign for the HRFN to shine the light on unprecedented human rights funding research.

Impact Report, Web Design, Interactive Charts
October 2023
Disparities in Human Rights Funding


Human rights funding is often meant to go to countries that need it the most—in the Global South & East. But do the funds really reach the intended recipients? In this unprecedented research, the Human Rights Funders Network analysed almost 27,000 grants from foundations in 51 countries. The result? 88% of the funding granted by funders in the Global North stay there. The team at HRFN asked us to help them present these staggering findings in a clear and engaging manner.

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We designed an 80-page report—accompanied by a webpage, interactive charts, and social media graphics—that dives deep into the disparities of human rights funding across the world. This is the first, unique publication that illustrates the gap in funding between the Global North and the Global South & East. It will act as a foundation for many of the HRFN's communications and will also be used by journalists and human rights advocates around the globe. We hope to spark a data-informed conversation that will eventually change human rights funding behaviour for the better.

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