Life Under Curfew in Nairobi

Before launching Parabole, our founder Evelina worked for Data4Change as part of a team that co-designed a digital data story and a physical data visualisation event in Nairobi, Kenya, with the Social Justice Centres Working Group.

Physical dataviz
December 2021
Life Under Curfew in Nairobi


In 2021, Evelina worked for Data4Change on their Data Stories Programme. Its objective was to empower four civil society organisations in East Africa to collect, analyse and visualise their data in engaging ways. The Social Justice Centres Working Group was one of the four organisations taking part in the programme. They’re a community-led movement in Kenya focused on seeking justice and speaking out against human rights violations. They had gathered data about the difficulties faced by their communities during the Covid-19 pandemic and curfews.

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Once the team were done cleaning and analysing this data, they decided to share it in an unusual way—by hosting an in-person data visualisation event in the Dandora informal settlement in Nairobi. Together with the designer Surasti Puri, journalist Frenny Jowi, data analyst Richie Uchenna, and the Data4Change and Social Justice Centres Working Group teams, they designed three dataviz murals for the locals to show solidarity, express their thoughts and grieve. You can watch a video of the event here. The final step in this project was the creation of this interactive Shorthand story for the whole world to see.

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