Carbon Emissions Tracking

Data is at the heart of Aktio's product offer. Together, we re-designed their platform to make it more modern and more user-friendly.

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August 2022
Carbon Emissions Tracking


We tackled two sections of Aktio's product platform. First, we updated the forms that allow Aktio's clients to to set their carbon emissions objectives. For this, we created a brand new visual that changes while a user is completing the questionnaire. We then designed a dashboard that shows emissions against the expected objective over time, broken down by category. As there was quite a lot of data to show, we opted for multiple charts in one dashboard screen to reduce cognitive overload.

After designing this first high-level overview, we dove deeper into visualising carbon emissions from different angles. We created a dashboard that allows companies to not only see their emissions for a given year, but to also quickly identify what factors contribute to them the most. The first screen of the dashboard shows total emissions and some company-specific KPIs. The readers attention is then drawn to the biggest emitters per category, which they can explore in detail in the customisable Sankey chart.

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This project was at the heart of Aktio's project strategy. While it may look like a simple series of dashboards, it was much more than that. Together, we designed a new hierarchy of information that now allows companies to set their carbon emissions objectives and track their progress against them in a user-friendly way.

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