State of the Wine Industry

An ongoing collaboration between Parabole Studio and Vinotracker that has resulted in dozens of charts, infographics, a white paper, and even a data platform.

Infographics, Data Stories
November 2022
State of the Wine Industry


We've been working with Vinotracker since the inception of the company. We first trained the founder in data visualisation methods, and then moved into a long-term collaboration consulting on data visualisation and design strategy. Our first collaboration - the white paper - took a few months in the making. As the graphic designer and illustrator set the creative direction for the entire book, we established a data design system that would be clear, modern and recognisable. We then followed with more elaborate information graphics for social media, long-form data stories and even a data platform.

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Surprisingly enough, the wine industry is one of the fields that communicates their data the least. As Vinotracker's mission is to bring data analysis and visualisation to the field, we're proud to support it. We love collaborating on a regular basis to make data more accessible by means of a data hub and effective visualisations. Through it, we help the industry face one of their biggest challenges - climate change.

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