Evelina speaking at a data event at the French Ministry of Finance.

We inspire the next generation of data storytellers

Data storytelling is a new, emerging field. As organisations and practitioners embrace its value, there's still a lot to be learned and explored. And what better way to do so than to gather together, as a community, for meetups, events and conferences.

Our founder Evelina is regularly invited to private and public events on data, design and storytelling. She delivers talks and hosts panels that push the participants to reflect on and go deeper into their storytelling practice, leaving them inspired and optimistic about the future of the field. If you're looking for a powerful speaker or host for your next event, we'd love to hear from you.


Our favourite talks

Data + Love podcast

The host and Evelina discuss tone, level of detail, and moral complexity in dataviz.

Outlier conference

Talks and Q&As from this global conference that Evelina co-organised and co-hosted for two years.

DataFest conference

Evelina's keynote titled 5 Lessons from Public Speaking to Improve Your Data Visualisations.

Bercy Hub event

Evelina's talk at the French Ministry of Finance on the importance of data visualisation (in French).

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